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2:17pmCrashed at Tamburello curve
Arround 3pmArrived at Majole hospital in Bologna by helicopter
3:50pmDr. Maria Theresa Fiandri denied his chance of operating.
5:00pmThe Doctors announced his brain death in X-ray.
6:15pmThe hospital priest into his room.
6:40pmConfirmed his heart stopped
7:45pmAnnounced officially his death

Ayrton Senna da Silva was gone. No one believe the news could be true. Actually he always drove and got through the corner on the limit, however, we admit that he had a strong mentality and technique for his driving. This made us create "Virtual Image" that he couldn't die in the race.
The following fact gives expression to NOT his mistake of driving, and to make this accident by the another factor. The evidence of him countinuing to crash to the wall - his end. I am happy if it could be an opportunity for you to know his LAST FIGHT.

The accident of starting the race was caused by the collision with Lamy(Lotus) and Lettho(Benetton). The safety car came into the cource and lead by cleaning up some broken piece of Benetton and Lotus. And at last, the race started again by the rolling after the safty car went off the truck. There was the surprising fact that the course marshal only had the yellow flag, not the red flag.

At this time when the race started again, Senna was leading the race, and having M.Shumacher(Benetton) of 2nd place at his back. At 6th laps, Senna was running through the home straight by shifting the gear from 5th to 6th, and started into Tamburello curve. Everything for him seemed to be good. But then he suddenly lost the control of his machine - Williams FW16, and crashed into the concrete wall of Tamburello bend. It was exactly after 11s from passing through the finishing line that he started into the Tamburello, and 12.8s that he rashed into the wall.

At this time, Senna lead Shumacher(Benetton) of the 2nd place. At 6th laps, Senna on th top speed in front of pit ran into Tamburello by shifting the 5th gear to 6th. It seemed that all condition was good. But, At that time, Senna suddenly could not control the FW16 of Williams, and crashed into the wall of Tamburello's corner.
What happened to him in a short time - 1.8s ? The fact was as follows:

The Data of Telemetory to Him crashed into The Concrete Wall
BHydraulic of Steering Wheel(psi)
CAccelerator Pedal Position
DForce to steering wheel - Torque(Nm)

The above graph starts from Senna into the Tamburello curve at seven times, after 11sec that he passed the finishing line. At the beginning of this graph the speed of Williams FW16 was around 310km/h( Orange line "A" ). After the moment, he just had a problem.

When he came at the Tamburello, the memory chip of Williams FW16's black box suddenly recorded something wrong with the hydraulic of steering wheel( #1 ). ( In addition to say, it was obviously against the regulation in those days that FW16 was equipped with the power steering system. ) I don't know what this brought to his machine, however, it was certain that Senna at this moment realized that his machine had a problem. His judgment was as follows:

He tried to get back the control of his machine by slowing down and reducing the accelerator by 50%( #2 )(The reason of only half releasing is to avoid losing a control in case of a sensitive machine such formula car). And that moment was the beginning of tragedy. FW16 had been already out of control. Unbelievably, he found out that fact after only 0.2sec, and took an emergency action. He completely released his accelerator pedal( #3 ), and braked to the floor(maybe by his main force), and turned the steering wheel, for trying to spin off by himself to soften the shock with crash into the concrete wall as acute angle as possible. He knew that he could't help crashing.

But his efforts was not effective, and the data recorded by black box stands the trouble of the steering wheel. The value of the force to steering wheel tells us his strength of turning is very week or equal( #4 ). In other words, his steering pressure didn't reach the front wheel, as if Senna didn't steer in any direction, or the shaft of the steering wheel was damaged. The other way of the value of the force to steering, the hydraulic of steering went up to the high value on a sudden( #5 ), which went back to normal value temporarily. This showed the fatal trouble of the steering.

By the official announcement, the gravity of speed reduction and breaking power was 4.3G at that time. In the fact, by the telemetry data, he reduced to 210km/h after 12.0sec to get through the finishing line. Regarding the speed of his machine after that, he at the same time on Senna being out the course, the tyre was locked by his full-brake. And the speed sensor installed on the wheel couldn't measure usually( #6 ).

But just before his crash to the wall, the sensor did well again, and measured normally. However, nobody can stop the UNCONTROLLABLE FW16. And the machine rushed into the concrete wall!

All sensors of machine stopped sending the data to the memory chip on the Black Box at the point of 12.8 seconds later after Senna passed the finish line seven times since the race started. Williams FW16 crashed into the concrete wall at 210km/h, the broken piece of the suspension that the hard hit to Senna's head turned out to be killed the greatest champion driver. The evidence Senna struggled to his last moment... The graph shows us his actual state and the cause of his death - the trouble of the steering wheel.

Ayrton, you couldn't die due to your mistake!