When we talk about Ayrton Senna, we need another driver of the greatest one, Alain Prost. He was the different type driver with Senna, but he also had the outstandnig skill like the greatest Brazilian driver. Ayrton was the fastest man, on the contrary, this French driver was the smartest one. Both were eligible as the genius driver. Prost was the strategist of titling through sixteen races in the whole season, so he was called as "Mr. Professor".
They sometimes antagonized each other with speaking out into a storm of abuse, however, Senna and Prost actually accepted the other as to be the best rival.

PART1 Prologue to Feud 
First Contact

Hard Rain in Monaco

One Step Beyond

Dawn of the Senna-Prost age

Bad Feeling

First Crowned

PART2 All-out Battle
Broken Tacit Agreement

Nightmarish Chicane

It's a Prost

Nightmare Again

Released from Ferrari

PART3 Settlement
Lonesome Senna

New Battle Stage


Data Analysis